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November 6th, 2017 by debate junkie

A local Sheriff from a small Northern California County has taken Mental Health to the voters.  Sheriff Tom Allman from Mendocino County hopes for a 2/3 majority win for Measure B, Mendocino County’s Mental Health Treatment Act.

This measure, if passed, will increase the sales tax collected in Mendocino County by one-half of one percent per dollar (.050%) of taxable sales over a five year period, and thereafter be reduced to one-eight cent per dollar (0.125%) of annual taxable sales to continue unless repealed.

Measure B will enable Mendocino County to construct and operate a local mental health treatment facility and a behavioral health training center so that county residents afflicted with mental illness or addition can be appropriately diagnosed, housed and treated.

“Voting YES on Measure B will improve the quality of life for everyone in Mendocino County by making essential mental health services available to traumatized veterans, the homeless and our residents who need them.” – Sheriff Tom Allman

A full text of Measure B can be seen here:




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