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December 4th, 2017 by debate junkie

Should businesses be allowed to discriminate against customers? It seems to make sense that a business should be allowed to decide who they sell to. It’s a private business and if they don’t want your business, why would they have to serve you? The current case before the Supreme Court seems less about free speech and more about the freedom to discriminate.

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November 6th, 2017 by debate junkie

A local Sheriff from a small Northern California County has taken Mental Health to the voters.  Sheriff Tom Allman from Mendocino County hopes for a 2/3 majority win for Measure B, Mendocino County’s Mental Health Treatment Act.

This measure, if passed, will increase the sales tax collected in Mendocino County by one-half of one percent per dollar (.050%) of taxable sales over a five year period, and thereafter be reduced to one-eight cent per dollar (0.125%) of annual taxable sales to continue unless repealed.

Measure B will enable Mendocino County to construct and operate a local mental health treatment facility and a behavioral health training center so that county residents afflicted with mental illness or addition can be appropriately diagnosed, housed and treated.

“Voting YES on Measure B will improve the quality of life for everyone in Mendocino County by making essential mental health services available to traumatized veterans, the homeless and our residents who need them.” – Sheriff Tom Allman

A full text of Measure B can be seen here:




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November 6th, 2017 by debate junkie

Whether you’re a person of faith – or far from it, does it really cause any harm to suggest praying for victims of mass shootings?  It seems that praying is a traditional “go-to” as a reactionary measure to help overcome the shock of dozens of innocent people being slain.  Is praying enough? Is anyone hearing your prayers?






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November 3rd, 2017 by debate junkie

Without knowing all the details and understanding that all the pieces will change somewhat, what are the good and bad points of the new proposed tax bill? What do we really need to change about our taxation in the United States, and why? Are the wealthy paying too much, or possibly not enough? How about the lower and middle classes? Corporate taxes? It doesn’t seem like anyone involved in the new tax proposal cares much about the national debt or the deficit now, oddly. What is the actual goal?

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October 30th, 2017 by debate junkie

Let’s pretend nobody had ever heard of Colin Kaepernick and a couple years back, JJ Watt took a knee during the National Anthem because he was bent out of shape about Benghazi, or some such thing. Would the same people be as upset and ready to boycott the NFL?

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September 28th, 2017 by debate junkie

President Donald Trump says things that are not true. I don’t think that many people would contest this simple statement – although there is certainly some percentage of people that would. But for those that will admit that President Trump does indeed say things that are not true, there can be any number of reasons or justifications for why he says these things. While Trump supporters will attempt to justify or obfuscate, those that oppose or are critical of Trump tend to see the things he says as garden-variety lies. But is it a lie if you actually believe what you’re saying is true? Or, more accurately in Trump’s case, is it a lie if you really don’t know if what you’re saying is true or false? Usually, saying something when you don’t really know what you’re saying, is not so much a lie as it is simply being ignorant. Donald Trump being just ignorant is probably preferable to the other option – that he really believes what he’s saying is true, or at worst he just doesn’t care. Because either of these would imply he is likely bat-shit crazy.

The degree to which one currently believes Trump is a moron or has a mental handicap is almost certainly based, in large part, on your political ideology. Conservative-minded folks want Trump to succeed, and to be successful as President, Trump has to be at least moderately credible. Since the things pouring out of Trump’s mouth or pixelated from his Twitter account are a matter of public record, denial isn’t really possible. The the only options are “alternate facts” or spin. While the early part of Trump’s term hasn’t been without made-up facts attempting to support his made-up assertions, most of those responsible for damage control have opted for standard political spin. Misdirection and the manipulation of context to fog the true meaning of Trump’s statements just enough to maintain plausible ambiguity and keep those looking for reasons to continue their support from saying fuck it.

On the other side of the spectrum, you have those who have no doubt that almost everything coming out of Trump’s mouth is a bold-faced lie. Most on the left disagreed with almost all of Trump’s campaign message and general opposition seems to be the goal now that he actually won. So when Trump utters any random questionable statement, it is pounced upon and repeated as many times as possible in the hope that everyone will realize just how duplicitous the man is.

Being a known liar probably isn’t a redeeming quality of a good President, but what Donald Trump is goes beyond someone who doesn’t tell the truth. He is a man who doesn’t have a firm grasp of the concept of truth. When Trump says something about any given topic, the pre-processing that most people do before they speak – is what I’m about to say rational, reasonable and do I believe it – doesn’t enter his head. He doesn’t require supporting facts or consider opposing facts. He just lets it fly, and because nobody has questioned the things he says to any degree throughout his life, he has no reason to believe that whatever he says isn’t brilliant. Is it true? Doesn’t matter. Is it accurate? Doesn’t matter. Is it appropriate? Doesn’t matter. Simply by the virtue of him saying it, whatever it is, it should be given ample weight and admiration in his mind. This is what makes him much worse than a liar. A man whose brain is a bag of cats. A man who has always had power, and whose penchant for not giving a shit about what he says has probably actually helped him. That’s OK if he’s simply another eccentric wealthy prick – we’ve had a number of those type in the history of humanity. But this guy is the President of the most powerful nation in the world. WTF?

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